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The One Where We Go Full Mad Max

 We collect our Devil's Ride bike from the shop and the Kenku's allow us to take the armorless Tormentor buggy thing out of camp.  We pay the required Soul Coins (1 for the Devil's Ride and 3 for the Tormentor) and head out across the hellish wasteland in search of the scrapyard that has armor that we can put onto our vehicle.  Tylendel squishing into the cargo trunk because there is only enough room for 4 people and Dartin can't fly to keep up, so he gives Dartin his seat and nestles in the back We find out Whill's arm can feed on soul coins. We find a busted up Devil's Ride so drive up to it to scavenge it for parts to bring back to Chukka and Clonk Skari and Tylendel head up the hill to scavenge the wheels on the crushed bike. While they are up there a giant magma ball explodes out of a nearby lava pit and the rest of the party below tries to dodge it  We make it down but on the way down we see a scary pale chick with a parasol. Tylendel calls out to her and

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