The One Where Zema Leaves The Party

  •  We engage the monstrous Orthon that is battering the hand. It's massive and hurts a ton. 
  • As he's destroying us, Tylendel polymorphs him into a snail and suggests we toss him over the edge of the city into the river Styx below. 
  • Brek and Balasar scoop up the snail and start running out. 
  • Victusa shows up and starts attacking Zema in the meantime. She fires a big lightning bolt that not only hits Zema, but crackles across and hits Brek and the snail too. Hitting the snail, it reverts to its previous form. 
  • Both Victusa and the orthon resume attacking us. 
  • Brek makes a deal with the orthon, offering him 15 soul coins to instead attack Victusa with us. A contract shows up and Brek signs it without reading it, sealing the deal. 
  • We, along with the orthon, now attack Victusa who pussies out and runs away. 
  • We go to the hand altar and try to open it up to go back down into the crypt where we know Pherria was before. The hand moves a bit but doesn't open up. 
  • Skari notices a trail of items heading off and recognizes it as Zema's equipment. 
  • We start following it to find Zema. We don't find Zema but we find his gear and his pack and a letter addressed to our party. 
  • Zema's letter said he needs to make things right with his god, Kelemvor, as they are not in a good place right now. He tells us he is leaving us to deal with that and wishes us luck in our future endeavours. 
  • Tylendel asks Skari for the blue gem back that they were using to help cure Zema and offers it up to Torm at the altar and asks Torm to guide him and protect him. The gem is accepted and disappears into smoke. 
  • Tylendel opens up Ezra's prayer book and talks to Ezra for a bit. He says he misses him and knows he's been watching over the party, but asks if he can maybe watch over Zema for a bit since he might need his guidance a little more than they do right now. 


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