The One Where We Get Mutated Beyond Repair

  • We see in the stained glass Torm giving Lanish Fogel a helmet, who is a dedicated paladin of Torm and we believe the helmet in this stained glass is the helmet we are here to retrieve. 
  • Tylendel uses his supplies to make a healing potion. Tries for a supreme one but falls somewhere in the middle. 
  • Whill chats with his lich arm and strikes a deal to not feed on him anymore. 
  • We head downstairs into the crypt and explore. Find a holder for the sacred helmet, but the helmet is not there
  • Looking around the room, we found Potion of Heroism (Tylendel), Healer's Kit (Balasar), and Potion of Greater Healing (Anise).
  • A bunch of weird Alf looking demons come running in and we fight! 
  • Skari sends a big assed fireball thing against the wall and the entrance starts to crumble. We panic and start killing faster before we get sealed in 
  • Balasar delivers the finishing blow on an Alf-dog thing and gets goo on his sword arm. His sword arm is now a fukn tentacle. Skari is pleased to not be the only tentacle boy in the party anymore. 
  • Whill was trying to make his way out, but because he's blind he ends up fondling the same goo Balasar just touched. His legs and arms switch places 
  • We barely escape (Balasar and Lulu get crushed a little). 
  • Tylendel sees the new mutations, Whill can't even walk anymore. He has to hover with his ears and Anise drags him along with a rope. 
  • They start talking about how to fix it, Dartin mentions certain things to try. He mentions Zema might have the best chance. 
  • We try Dispel Magic, Skari mentions he'd tried a Remove Curse and that doesn't work either. 
  • Dartin mentions Whill should talk to his patron, but Whill says he's never talked to him and doesn't know who they are. Only that he was tricked into servitude when he was at the orphanage. 
  • Anise suggests we ask Madam Vorhoon for help, she might know about these dark magics. 
  • Dartin is like "Madam who?" and we show him the Snugglow and Whill's Amulet, and he tells us Madam Vorhoon is someone that escaped Stygia. He says Vorhoon can probably tell us info on the how, but that someone at Fort Knuckleborn could do the actual magic. 


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