The One Where Someone Alt-F4ed Out of the Campaign

  • As the party leaves Maggie's hut, Tylendel hangs back and asks her how exactly to inflict suffering for trade. They talk about him contacting her and her scrying on him as he's making someone suffer and she says she cannot do that but will look into it. She prefers mental anguish to physical suffering, but all suffering is good suffering. 
  • We see the kenku and Skari casts tongues to talk to them. They are arguing about fixing the machine ASAP or Maggie will defeather them.
  • While Skari investigates that machine, we head out to return the tooth to Barnabus. 
  • Whill gives Barnabus his tooth back and he offers to infuse one of our weapons with soul coin power. Whill gets his sword tuned up. 
  • The group starts walking away, Tylendel hides and then uses telekinesis to try to rip the tooth back out of Barnabus' mouth. He is a floating skull so Barnabus starts flying towards Tylendel, so Tylendel changes plans and smashes him tooth first into a pile of crap. The tooth breaks off and Tylendel runs over pretending to be concerned but really just picks up the tooth and blames the nearby redcaps. 
  • He runs back to the group and then puts the tooth into Anise's bag as Barnabus goes over angrily to the red caps to find out who fucking did it. 
  • Brek rage quits the campaign entirely so we adjourn to talk about what the fuck we want to do with our characters, the campaign, and life in general. 


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