The One Where We Go Full Mad Max

  •  We collect our Devil's Ride bike from the shop and the Kenku's allow us to take the armorless Tormentor buggy thing out of camp. 
  • We pay the required Soul Coins (1 for the Devil's Ride and 3 for the Tormentor) and head out across the hellish wasteland in search of the scrapyard that has armor that we can put onto our vehicle. 
  • Tylendel squishing into the cargo trunk because there is only enough room for 4 people and Dartin can't fly to keep up, so he gives Dartin his seat and nestles in the back
  • We find out Whill's arm can feed on soul coins.
  • We find a busted up Devil's Ride so drive up to it to scavenge it for parts to bring back to Chukka and Clonk
  • Skari and Tylendel head up the hill to scavenge the wheels on the crushed bike. While they are up there a giant magma ball explodes out of a nearby lava pit and the rest of the party below tries to dodge it 
  • We make it down but on the way down we see a scary pale chick with a parasol. Tylendel calls out to her and notices the parasol is made out of bones and demon skin. 
  • We see claws carving around under the ground towards us, we rush and load the tires and take off. 
  • We take off now that shits loaded, yo. 


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