The One Where Tylendel Rap Battles Some Prayers

  • The party heads down the altar into the catacombs and see Reya, Tarnis, etc. from the theatre. 
  • We present Ulder Ravenguard to Pherria and ask her to help him 
  • Pherria tells us we'll need a powerful symbol of courage and there is a hero's tomb down here with a sword that would work. We've already seen it and appeased the guardian. 
  • She says we need a prayer that Tylendel can recite as a powerful cleric. 
  • Lastly, she says we need a usable altar. So we head upstairs to see the altars in High Hall and see if any of them are still usable
  • Most altars are busted up except one that is covered in guts n shit. We decide we need to cleanse it
  • There are runes to Zariel on the altar. Lulu suggests if we cleanse it with prayer it'll dissolve the bad runes. 
  • Anise and Whill prestidigitate and use holy water to clean the guts and Tylendel recites the following prayer: 
    splish splash, plop, plop, 
    someone please get me a mop
    goodbye guts, goodbye zariel
    this altar now repulses hell
  • The altar is now cleansed. 
  • We bring up the sacrifice, I mean Ulder Ravenguard, to the altar and begin the ceremony. 
  • Tylendel recites his prayer for the ritual:
    Almighty Torm, the true, the loyal fury
    the sight of which will make evil scurry
    Duty, Loyalty, Righteousness and Law
    evil crows see you and CAW CAW CAW 

    Your symbol is an open right hand
    Everyone says that you are da man
    So please help Ulder remove this here helmet
    with a mighty fisting or some holy shit

    Thank you, Merci. 
  • The ritual begins and two beings emerge from the helmet and start to attack. We fight, while Anise, Tylendel and those involved in the ritual must remain concentrated
  • We complete the ritual and free Ulder of the helmet. 
  • Skari puts the helmet on and sees a vision of a woman warrior with a flying elephant under attack from a massive demon. She uses the sword to summon a massive palace but it is engulfed along with the massive demon by a "bloody scab". He recognizes the elephant as Lulu. After the palace was consumed, Lulu flew around in a delirious state until two bird like humanoids in weird armor found her. 
  • Skari determines this was a vision of the past. He tells Lulu that he saw her there, she confirms all of this as a memory of the past
  • We talk about where this place can be. Tylendel suggests if someone can draw should wear the helmet, get the vision and draw it so we can try to make out where it can be. 
  • Brek suggests Anise put it on and use minor illusion. She does and does the illusion. 
  • Dartin mentions a building near the "palace" is Fort Knucklebone
  • Reya gives us a map of Avernus. It's full of shitty looking things but it does have a sarlac pit which is super cool. She also gives us a puzzle box from Sylvira in the form of 6 wooden plates. 
  • We locate where Fort Knucklebone is on the map, roughly. 
  • We ransack Zema's pack and take inventory of what goodies he left us and split them up amongst the party. 


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