The One Where Tylendel is Joe Rogan

  •  A whole bunch of fighting happens but Tylendel doesn't participate because he's still Lawful Evil and doesn't agree with the reason we even started this fight to begin with, so he just sits back making fun of the situation with Dartin and commentates the fight like he's Joe Rogan at a UFC title bout. 
  • Anise uses some flask that has a rage monster trapped inside and unleashes it on the battlefield. It attacks both us and them. 
  • During the fight Lulu goes down nearish to Tylendel, so he sneaks over and heals her with google incognito on and then scurries away before anyone knows it was him
  • Anise commands Grubba, the only surviving red cap, to lie to Maggie and tell her the hate circle went wrong and accidentally summoned a rage monster and that's how everyone died. He is concerned. 
  • We are out of combat! Anise sucks the rage monster back into the flask that released it. 
  • We make our way to Maggie and Anise coaches Grubba on what to tell Maggie happens. 
  • We hand the angry rage monster to Maggie in exchange for help. She happily accepts the monster. 
  • Whill pulls a bone out of her flesh golem's foot and he's thankful
  • Maggie wants memories and artifacts of Zariel. 
  • We talk a bunch, I dunno I was falling asleep IRL so I missed a bunch of shit that was discussed. 
  • The end.


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