The One Where Tylendel Has Another Mood Swing

Tylendel missed last session so here's a recap of what happened: 

Landing from the chain fall, one party member landed super loudly and the rest of the party was able to extricate them and the party from the mess and succeeded. Walked through the burning desert and found a hell motorcycle. Eventually made their way to Fort Knucklebone and talked to the guards and they said to get inside. 

And then THIS session starts...

  •  We meet 2 Kenku who we recognize from Lulu's vision when she left Zariel. One of them heads off when Tylendel starts to talk to them with Lulu. 
  • The Kenku returns with a hag in tow that scrutinizes us. 
  • Maggie the hag and a weird frankenstein demon with a GIANT penis mouth named Mickey, and the two kenku are Chukka (pike) and Clonk (warhammer)
  • We sit down to rest for a bit to get rid of some of our exhaustion
  • Whill wanders off and meets some weird called Barnabas who gives him a quest to find his tooth or something, I wasn't really paying attention
  • Skari asks Tylendel if he still wants to get tutored to learn Polymorph and Tylendel says yes, so Skari teaches him his cipher that his spell book is encoded in. Tylendel can now, TECHNICALLY, read all of his spell book and even his tattoos
  • We talk about swapping spells and Tylendel mentions he knows Telekinesis. Skari is super interested and we talk about how Tylendel can teach it to Skari. They decide it might be wise to sleep first to get rid of some of their exhaustion first. 
  • When we wake up, Tylendel fails his wisdom save and wakes up Lawful Evil, fucking fuck fuck fuck. 
  • We nom our goodberries that Narik gave us. 
  • Anise hits up a red cap and asks for Grubba who apparently has Barnabas' tooth. He says he's over there in the tent, so we all make our way there. They hate happy. 
  • Anise and Whill do some shit and find Grubba and steal his tooth and then run away and we all roll initiative


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