The One Where An Orthon Wants To Get Fisted

  •  We try to pull the helmet off Ulder Ravengard but it doesn't budge. 
  • Tylendel suggests we try to close the portal before something else comes through, and Zema casts Dispel Magic on the portal and closes it just as something gross was starting to come through
  • We head backwards to the weird priest harem chamber full of pillows which is APPARENTLY a "meditation chamber". 
  • We split up in pairs to take watch during a long rest, but before we settle down Zema offers Ezra's ring as an offering to Torm to cast Divination to ask how to remove the helmet from Ulder Ravengard's head
  • Torm responds and says his acolytes can help
  • We start a long rest, Tylendel asks Skari if he can maybe help him with the Polymorph spell since he takes damage when he tries casting it (a result of his custom faction - Student's of Thay). Skari says sure, and they agree whenever they have down time he'd get some training. 
  • Skari casts comprehend languages to hear what Ulder Ravengard is muttering about. Once cast, he hears Torm speaking celestial and Baphamet speaking abyssal and in a "battle of wills" and Ulder's mind is stuck in the middle 
  • Skari also studies the blue gem that we'd found and used on Zema's red cancer
  • Balasar and Anise have a big deep conversation about trust with Dartin and then play Dragonchess
  • Brek plays jacks with Lulu
  • Zema prays to Kelemvor for forgiveness for raising the dead and feels like he's been forgiven
  • Long rest taken! 
  • Skari sends message to Pharria to ask if she is ok and if the others have arrived. She replies saying that there is a talking squirrel but nobody else from the theater has arrived. 
  • We make our way back up with Ulder Ravengard to bring him back to Pharria eventually. 
  • Gideon Lighsaber is not there, but his minions are but they don't attack
  • As we make our way through the minions, Whill's arm gets hungry and snatches out and tries to feed on one of them minions
  • We keep tiptoeing out and Gideon says he smells demon on Ulder. Brek rolls a good persuasion check saying we're going to get him fixed up and he is like "ok coolbeans"
  • We make it to high hall and we find more bodies in the courtyard, both demon as well as some commoners from the theater, so we assume the group made it here (sorta)
  • Dartin sees a big streak of blood and is all "OMGZZORS! SOMETHING BIG !"
  • We go inside and find a massive big fugly bitch thing clubbin the floor where the hand altar is and we're like "shit fuck balls" and WE FIGHT!
  • We have tech issues so we just call it a session for now and will deal with it later


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