The One Where We Get Nailed In Church

  • At the chapel, we discuss how to get past the big bone minotaur patrol. 
  • Anise sneaks up closer and casts major image to look like a big demon thing to cause a distraction. One of the minotaurs starts heading towards it, so the rest of us start sneaking towards the chapel. 
  • The chapel looks suspect as fuck, all glowy and shit. So Tylendel sneaks across to see if it's trapped or active or something. He sneaks up, runs up the stairs and touches the outside wall, and then deeks back down to hide. Nothing explodes him. 
  • While he was there, he saw movement into one of the pillars, almost like they are hollow and something reached out to him. 
  • He notices runes and names on the pillars, guesses that the pillars will activate similar to the bridge if the hero's name on the pillar is mentioned. He doesn't understand the writing so can't determine what the hero's name is. 
  • Anise gets her image to start muttering in Sylvan to confuse the skeleton
  • We get up close together. Brek walks through the partially open door and it sets something off. All of the pillars vaj out a bunch of undead, and Brek sees 4 more minotaur skeletons inside the chapel. 
  • We fight!
  • We almost all die
  • Amidst the fight, a weird creepy guy comes out and tells the demons to stop while he talks to Brek. Gideon Lightward, a former follower of Lathander, now serves Zariel. 
  • He tells us that if we help destroy the demon incursion, he'll let us go down into the crypt below to try to get the artifact. He let the last group go but they have been down there for hours and haven't been back. 
  • He mentions he will absolutely destroy us if we try to leave without having destroyed the demon incursion below. 
  • We take a short rest
  • Anise asks about lieutenants of Zariel in the city, Gideon mentions Ophanias (female), Haraman and Bell. 
  • We finish the short rest and get ready to head down into the crypt. 


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