The Characters

Tylendel (ME!)

 Albino Drow Male, although he doesn't know he is a drow, or even what a drow is. 
Thief Rogue. 
Has ability to cast certain Wizard spells, but since he was not officially trained, he takes damage whenever he casts them. The higher the spell's level, the higher the damage. 
Has a familiar named Snuggles, a ferret. 

Balasar Yajerit

 Copper Dragonborn Male
The somewhat leader of the group, or at least the one that makes the most sensible decisions and has the best morals. 


 Human Male
Eldritch Knight Fighter
Wild. If there is an insane solution to a problem the party is faced with, Brek will attempt it. Questionable morals and doesn't like to go out of his way to help others. 

Anise McAniseface

 Half-Elf Female
Warlock with some Fighter mixed in there? I'm not sure. 
Super generous and known to give away ALL of her belongings to those in need. Also cursed and/or possessed? Part of the curse/possession makes it that she CANNOT tell a lie. Ever. Pottery with inspirational quotes on it is her jam.  

Zema the Forgotten

 Tiefling Male
Cleric of Kelemvor (Grave Domain)
Youngest member of the party at 16 years old. Quiet and shy, he often fades into the background and is forgotten and/or lost by the party. Has bandages covering the majority of his body that he keeps wrapped at all times. 


 Human Male
Hexblade Warlock
Had a recent encounter with a dracolich in a magical prison. Upon its death, the dracolich embodied his arm and is trying to consume enough life through Whill to escape. 


 Aasimar Male
Paladin of Lathander
MAY have picked up a drug addiction while on a mission to acquire pain-killing drugs for a friend whose father was dying.


Skari the Painted


Goliath Male
7'7, pale grey skin covered in painted/tattooed runes and sigils all over his body. Has ice blue eyes.  


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