The One Where We Pregame Before The Festival

  • Brek is absent for this session and is missed
  • The drinking contest is about to begin, Tylendel bets 50gp on himself to win
  • Rules for the drinking game are complicated as fuck. It's 4 rounds:
    • Round 1 - Drink the mug of beer as fast as you can
    • Round 2 - Toss a full mug's contents into your partner's empty mug and partner chugs what they get. 
    • Round 3 - Convince a patron at the bar to give you their drink and a personal item and chug their drink
    • Round 4 - Mop up all of the spilled drinks on your table and drink that
  • Tylendel and Balasar win!
  • Turns out that red tiefling wizard woman, Sylvira, also bet on us and we end up getting a bunch of reward gold
  • Anise realizes she was robbed of 20 gp during the contest, as was Zema
  • They are sitting next to some shady fuckers so suspect it was them
  • Anise sneaks off and then casts invisibility on herself, and in turn robs the shady fuckers of 40gp
  • Tylendel had used an epic pick-up line on an older lady at the bar with her sons during the contest, so goes over to thank her for giving him her drink and allowing him to win the contest. 
  • Tylendel pays her 25gp for her help and her sons get PISSED because they think he's trying to buy her as a hooker for the night
  • He is not.
  • Reya tells Ezra about the Hellriders and where they came from. The TL;DR is that way back in the day there was an evil god and a good god fighting and the good god rallied a bunch of humans and went to hell to fight the evil god and only a few came back from it alive, but victorious. Upon their return they founded the Hellriders and protect this realm from hellspawn since. 
  • Bar closes and patrons are ushered out. 
  • Party decides to hit up the festival of the companion and see what that's all about.  
  • People sing a song about a dragon or something
  • Whill sneaks off in classic Whill fashion to make his way to a temple to see about his arm. 
  • Whill rolls poorly on some checks and his arm accidentally touches someone in the streets - shit goes down and the companion shoots a ray of light and incinerates the bad thing Whill's arm created. 
  • El Turel PD are on high alert now and surround Whill going "Brodawg, what the fuck?"
  • He tells them he's just going to the temple and wants no harm, they don't arrest him but say they will escort him there. 
  • Ezra finds Whill and gives him some ointment for his arm gonnarhea that Sylvira gave him. Said it won't cure his arm, but might subdue it a bit. 
  • Anise tells a nearby Hellrider that we were robbed 40gp and the PD come DOWN on that tavern we just left. They aren't fucking around. 
  • We regroup and are about to make our way into the festival


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