The One Where We Play Carnival Games

  • Ezra is absent and is missed
  • We decide on a party name as demanded by the inn to hang our donated items. We are the Gryffins of Greenest
  • Balasar and Tylendel look for food to soak up the drunkeness. 
  • While they wander drunkily, Tylendel remembers that Balasar is his bestie and gives him the scaleskin drape. 
  • Tylendel and Balasar buy a bunch of different breads and a big assed glass of chilled milk
  • Tylendel slinks off and throws up into someone's shopping bag full of stuffed animals and fruit
  • Brek buys a mortar and pestle 
  • Tylendel sneaks back to party and they head off to the festival proper
  • Carnival Games
    • Hit the Companion (strength game)
    • Competitive Dart Game
    • Mini Golf
    • Mirror Game
    • Fencing 
    • Horse Race
  • Mayor is waiting for us to deliver some big thank you speech, we're ushered to the stage 
  • He tells the people what we did and gives us each a miniature key to the city, a complimentary game token, and shakes our hands
  • Tylendel heads to the dart game, Anise heads to the horse race, Balasar and Zema head to the Hit the Companion, Brek gives his token away, Whill wanders
  • Tylendel wins the first round, merchant asks to double or nothing, he agrees and loses. Tylendel proposes a best 2 out of 3. Merchant says sure if he can score over 100 (5 attack rolls). Tylendel gets a bunch of wikkid rolls and wins. Merchant gives him an option of 3 fancy darts to pick from. Tylendel casts detect magic and notices the middle one radiating much stronger magic than the other 2, it is conjuration. He takes that one. He also gets a raffle ticket
  • Balasar and Zema head to the hammer game. There is a giant dude playing and they notice that the guy running it is cheating and call him out. He gives them a raffle ticket and a stuffed plush unicorn. Closes up his booth and locks up
  • Anise signs up for the horse race. There's a whole legal process to signing up with waivers and forms. 
  • Tylendel looks around for anyone actively trying to pick pockets. As one of their kind, he stealthily walks by and puts 5gp in each of their hands as he goes by. Finds 3 kids stealing and gives them 5gp
  • Zema and Balasar see a thief stealing stuff from the dumb giant that was at the hammer game, so they try to stop him and initiate combat with the thief
  • Beat him down - find out he was just stealing small things, clothing and food. He gets hauled off to jail. 
  • They give the giant back his stuff and give him a stuffed unicorn they won at the hammer game too. He's super thankful
  • Meet his daughter, Whoregah
  • Tylendel decides to sign up for the horse race - after answering all of the questions they give us this anti-magic bracelet. Anise is NOT wearing hers, but Tylendel allowed it to be put on him. They mention if we leave town, the bracelet will teleport us back to the booth. If we take the bracelet off, we'll be teleported back to the booth. We cannot cast magic or have magic affecting us while wearing the bracelet. 
  • Tylendel and Anise rub their hands together mouahahaha-ingly


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