The One Where Tylendel Was Absent

  • Tylendel missed this session as was hopefully missed? Probably not... 
  • Whill left the tavern to investigate his arm
  • Finds a magic shop run by a crusty old man who couldn't himself do magic, only sold wands with spells
  • Old man identifies a bracelet of Whill's, but the wand explodes when it tries to identify the shield
  • Shield now talks to Whill when nobody else is around
  • Shield is trying to convince Whill to leave the party and town, but nobody believes Whill that it is talking to him, think he's cray-cray
  • Ezra and Zema talk to the red wizard lady
  • Find out her name is Sylvira and she is from Candlekeep, which is a fancy ass Wizard city 
  • She casts darkness around her table for privacy while talking with Ezra and Zema
  • Tells them she has a job for our party, that she has a puzzle box in her possession that is scary as fuck
  • It requires arcane, pact, druid, and divine magic to open it, which our party all has
  • She came to have the box when a messenger arrived to deliver it to her coworker who was out of town. Shortly after the delivery the messenger was assassinated. She later scryed on her coworker to find out where they were and what to do with this package, except found out he was dead too
  • She started tracing the origin of the puzzle box to find out what the fuck - it was stolen from Baldur's Gate, but came from El Turel originally. 
  • She warded the box to make it undetectable by magic while she tries to figure out what the actual fuck
  • Ezra interrogates her and tells her her origin story is shady as fuck
  • She offers him a reward of a lot of money and says she can use our soul coins to pimp our rides
  • The ceremony to open the box will be done in two days' time outside of the city. She will need Ezra or Zema, Reya, and Whill or Anise to open it. The rest of the party should stand guard in case some scary shit comes out
  • Tylendel is drinking with Orlando or whatever the fuck his name is
  • Somehow a drinking game turns into a drinking contest and the whole bar is taking bets
  • Balasar and Hermaphrodite or whatever the half-orc woman's name was join in to make is two vs two. 
  • Grax is about to establish the rules of the game when the session ends.


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