The One Where Tylendel Signs A Contract

  • Zema communes with Ilmater to ask how to fix Anise. He gets "Ask Pherria" as a reply. 
  • Tylendel mentions the name of his rapier is Pherria. Anise takes offense and is like "no, I'm fine. Oh look I'm saved. I've turned a new leaf. Hooray for Anise!" and walks off. 
  • Brek wanders off north when the rest of the party said we'd go south. 
  • He's now alone in some weird Shark Tank boardroom and smells poop and hears mutterings. Gets scared and comes back to party. 
  • He tells us to follow him, he thinks he found people. We follow him up and we find a large group of people that are huddled together, as we move closer they shuffle away. 
  • Zema walks into the room and gets fired at by crossbows. Anise walks in and says he's not a devil or demon, he's a clergyman of Kelemvor. They tell him to prove it by putting hands in the holy water. 
  • Brek cannonballs in and Zema puts his hand in. Nothing happens.
  • They accept we don't mean them harm and call us out to approach and stop attacking us
  • We talk a bit, introduce ourselves. The priestess woman asks if we've closed the secret door that lead down here. Brek is like "yeah totes mcgotes" but Tylendel is like "shit fuck balls"
  • Tylendel introduces himself but then says "yeah I'm going to go check on that door. It's not far. Love you bye" and runs. 
  • When he gets to the hatch, he sees pulsating head guy whose name we learn is "Blake" on the ground. An imp stands over him and helps end his suffering. He sees Tylendel and they have a "are you evil? no. Are you evil? no" conversation. 
  • The woman that is a priest thing turns out the be Pherria. She gives Zema 2 scrolls of Dispel good and evil to cure Anise
  • Tylendel checks the door and it's closed. He chats with the Imp for a bit, they come to the conclusion that neither of them are evil. He says his name is Danton and that he's been helping anyone who wishes to "move on". When he does, he gets their soul in a coin. 
  • They strike a deal that Danton will give him regular crossbow bolts and will give him 1 super magic bolt per day if Tylendel lets Danton travel with the group (visible or invisible) and to allow him to aid anyone wishing to move on to move on and collect the soul coin. 
  • They strike a deal and sign the contract. They head back to the party. 
  • As we rejoin the party, there's a big discussion about warning Reya, going to find that Elder guy, and/or resting. Tylendel hears a whisper from Danton saying "umm, resting... maybe not a good idea because if anything came down here while that door was open... " 
  • Tylendel pipes up and says when he got to the hatch, it was open. We'd never closed it. We had, but he didn't want to out that he met an Imp and the Imp told him it was open when Brek had originally opened it and run back to get us and bring us to the altar. 
  • We talk for a bit and then decide to sweep the catacombs and make sure there's nothing down here. 
  • We hear a slow clap. 3 dragons (one blue named Victussa) slow clap and are all like "well done, fools" and one of them is a servant of Tiamat. 
  • We fight! 
  • After a bunch of fear spells and damage, the blue one bails like a bitch and says "ok you guys take care of this!" and leaves the two black dragon things to end the fight that is definitely going in our favour
  • We win the fight. Yay! 


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