The One Where We Cross A Bridge

  • Front party (Zema, Balasar, Whill, Lulu and Skari) huddle into the open courtyard. Whill casts Silent Image which makes a 15-foot cube illusion around them that makes them disappear. 
  • Zema uses Sending to send Tylendel a warning about the incoming devil. 
  • Tylendel quickly warns the back group (Tylendel, Anise and Brek) about the incoming danger and they need to hide
  • They quickly duck into the alley they came out of recently and hide successfully. 
  • The devil (a Narzugon) stops in the middle of the street and surveys his surroundings, seemingly detecting something. Tylendel uses a mirror from his disguise kit to keep an eye on him. 
  • A screech goes off in the distance and he takes off at a gallop towards it, incidentally going by the alley Anise, Tylendel and Brek are in. Brek and Anise hide. Tylendel doesn't have time to react, so he quickly casts disguise self on himself to look like a devil and hunches down in the alley. 
  • The Narzugon runs past and doesn't stop. 
  • The front guard heard the commotion and start discussing whether they should head back to check on us, because it looks like the devil headed after us. 
  • Skari sends his owl familiar to check on the rear guard and sees a bearded devil, Anise and Brek. He reports that rear guard is being attacked. 
  • They decide to head over and help the party out that's being attacked. 
  • Anise comes over and kicks Tylendel telling him to get up, that we need to get going. 
  • Front guard walks in on Anise kicking a bearded devil. 
  • We regroup, Tylendel keeps his devil disguise
  • Lulu sees Tylendel's disguise and loses her shit and attacks. She casts a glitter bomb of radiance on him and he takes a bunch of damage
  • Everyone is like "whoa bitch, what the fuck?"
  • Lulu realizes her mistake and apologizes to Tylendel. He fake says its fine, no hard feelings, but brings her in for a hug and whispers that if she fucking attacks him again, he will fight back and she'll regret it. She telepathically says "ha. ha. ok. we might not be friends much longer, but I did attack first" and then joyfully flutters away. 
  • Skari observes and takes notes about the weird fucking party he's haphazardly joined.
  • We talk about whether we should run to the next bridge instead of stealthing. 
  • Skari says he has a mass disguise spell that can turn us all into devils, Whill suggests going invisible with Lulu and the two kids. 
  • We head out at a normal standard pace disguised as bearded devils. During the walk, we feel a tremor. Zema points out he recognizes it as a chunk of land falling off the city. 
  • We get to the 2nd bridge and Tylendel looks and sees runes on it and about 8 devils on the bridge. 
  • They talk about how we'll send a handful of people to see if the disguises will hold and talk to the devils and see if they'll let us pass no problem.
  • Brek, Skari, Anise and Balasar decide to head up onto the bridge and test their disguises. Skari speaks infernal. 
  • Brek borrows Balasar's shield, casts grease on it and creates a slip n slide on the bridge
  • Combination of Balasar and Skari identify the runes as being a command word and decipher that it is a protective radiant field
  • They talk and Skari says "yeah, funny enough all you have to do is say the command word to activate it"
    Balasar: "what's the word?"
    Skari: "Monkey"
  • Shit. Fuck. Balls.
  • During the battle, one of the devils rips one of the chains holding the bridge off to try to grapple Balasar. This causes the bridge to become unstable. 
  • Whill has lost the children. He calls out to them but there is no response. He starts crossing the bridge along with Zema, assuming the invisible children have run to catch up to Brek currently fighting on the bridge. 
  • After a bit of fighting, the monsters group up so Skari hits them with fireball. The result of which blows the already steady bridge the fuck up. Chunks of it fall away, the bridge is cracked and listing, Balasar is hanging off the edge by a chain that is being controlled by a devil. Shits looking real bleak, but Tylendel is closest to the safe side of the bridge so he's cool. 


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