The One Where Anise Almost Sells Our Souls

  • Skari's owl scouts the castle and he sees 2 large creatures and a spikey motherfucker in there too. 
  • We talk about our feelings and Anise tells us she feels like she doesn't like us helping others. 
  • Tylendel mentions that since the bridge is clear, we should maybe message Reya to tell her to giddy up and get the people across 
  • Zema says people are listening in though, so we talk about maybe encrypting the message. 
  • We see that searchy-lightning getting closer to us so we start scoping out a house to hide in temporarily while we plan
  • Tylendel spots Lulu peeking around the corner of the outside of High Hall. 
  • He YMCA-motions the letters L-U-L-U to the party and points towards High Hall and starts making his way over there. 
  • The rest of the party starts making their way towards Lulu as well. 
  • Lulu mentions that she saved the kids and brought them here. She mentions she scouted and saw the guards inside the walls, but there's also what used to be a secret escape tunnel that would lead out to the gardens, but now is just a hole in the side of the chasm. 
  • We debate as to whether or not we want to go into the front door and fight the guard monsters or whether we try to scale down into the tunnel
  • We decide there's nothing to stop us from dying if we fall, it's not worth the risk. 
  • Tylendel says he thinks Whill should stay with the party. Every time we split up bad shit happens. He mentions that if Whill had been on the bridge with the rest of the group, maybe he wouldn't have died. 
  • Ultimately, we decide going in through the front door and clearing out High Hall is what we'll have to do anyways, so might as well start from the front. 
  • Whill wants to split and head down to the secret hole alone, but Lulu eventually convinces him to stop trying to be a hero and stay with his party. The people down there don't need his imminent help. He reluctantly agrees to follow his party
  • We send in the zombies and then follow suit
  • As we're heading up to the fight, Tylendel uses the distraction to pick Whill's pocked and FINALLY FUCKING SUCCEEDS. He retrieves Whill's soul stone. 
  • We fight and kill the boss. Anise tries to deal with the two big ones and they demand soul coins as payment, she kills time by looking over the contract and promises us as payment to him. 
  • We kill the one, and get close to killing the other but he eventually gets away and says he'll hunt Anise down later. 
  • Brek finds magical crossbow bolts on the big corpse. 
  • We enter the cathedral. 


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