The One Where We Lose An Angel

  •  Brek, Anise and a Goliath named Skari wake up and talk to Narik. They take in the surroundings and see the rest of the party is still unconscious. Narik tells them it's been 7 days that we've been out. They brought our bodies to the basement of the theatre in El Turel, as it was one of the few buildings that survived the fall to hell. 
  • Narik says our position is about to be discovered and they need to make haste to go outside and deal with the situation. 
  • Skari briefly introduces himself to Anise and Brek - he is 7'7 pale grey skinned goliath with black sigils and runes painted all over his upper body and piercing ice-blue eyes. He has a robe with a dreamcatcher on his belt along with other knickknacks and a pointy wizard hat. 
  • They heal up a bit and head upstairs and out of the basement to deal with the danger 
  • When they get outside, they see a slew of bearded devils attacking. They see the corpses of Ezra and the red tiefling wizard Sylvira. Reya and Tarnis and a few commoners are all injured but fighting bravely. 
  • They join the battle and fight the bearded devils alongside them
  • After a round, Balasar wakes up and is told to run out to help. He groggily makes his way upstairs to help out with the battle
  • After another round of combat, Whill is awoken and joins the fight outside. 
  • Another round goes by, and Zema and Tylendel wake up. Tylendel checks in with Zema and upon realizing he's ok, they rush out to the battle
  • Battle ends. Tylendel sees corpse of Ezra and rushes over to his friend. He screams for Zema's help as he drags the corpse out and over to him. 
  • Zema examines the body and says he's been gone too long. We are devastated. 
  • Tylendel takes the incenser holding Naranja's egg, and looks over Ezra's body for a keepsake of his friend. Tylendel takes Ezra's prayer book to remember him by.
  • Anise searches Sylvira's body for the contract and finds it.
  • They carry Ezra and Sylvira's corpse down to the basement and lock up the building
  • Skari asks if Sylvira had a spellbook or scrolls, Reya mentions she lost her spellbook on the battlefield in the middle of the city. 
  • Anise asks what the hell has been happening the last week. 
  • Narik explains that after the explosion, Sylvira managed to save our lives using her spells. We were put into a magical stasis to heal and Lulu the hollyphant awoke us from our slumber when we were healed enough 
  • He mentions that in the first day and a half, the city lost half its population due to death, deals and kidnapping. We ended up appearing in the middle of something - it seemed to be a battleground between the Infernal and the Abyssal. 
  • He mentioned that High Hall has answers for us, but getting there might be tricky. He's seen "creatures" go into it. The western side of the city seem less affected, but we're in the eastern part of the city. Very few have survived and those that were found were brought here to this theatre. 
  • He mentions that Sylvira and Ezra combined their powers to create some sort of holy fireball and sacrificed themselves and it stopped a large wave of advancing "things" approaching the theatre.
  • Tylendel and Zema clean the bodies of Ezra and Sylvira and perform burial rites
  • Anise casts Major Image to give us one last look (they are like Force Ghosts from Star Wars, but bathed in yellow light). 
  • We say our final goodbyes


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