The One Where We Have A Change Of Mind

  • We rest and get all of our HP and spells back
  • We talk to Lulu the Hollyphant and she gets us caught up on all the tea
  • We find out that most supplies (arrows, bolts, etc.) in the near vicinity have already been scavenged and that High Hall is probably the best place to head to next
  • We find out that the city is floating, but there are massive chains affixed to the edges of the city and pulling us down towards the "Blood War" which is a war between Devils and Demons.
  • Below the city is the river styx. Falling into that would mean instant insanity, and arriving at the war would mean death as well. 
  • Tarnis draws a map of the city as per how he's scouted it. We see there's a huge chasm in the middle with only 2 bridges that remain. It's about 600ft across the chasm, and flying is not recommended because there are flying devils and it'll make us bigger targets. 
  • We talk about having to escort all of the peasants here to High Hall. 
  • We decide we need to weapon up first - we are going to head to High Hall first. Talk to the people there (we learned that there's a really important member of Baldur's Gate there with his personal guard). We'll arm up and maybe get escorts to come back and escort the peasants to High Hall. 
  • We talk about who to take with us - Lulu or Reya. We decide to bring Lulu and leave Reya so that we can send her a message to tell her to prep the peasants when we head back. 
  • When we leave the building, we roll wisdom saves. Anise Brek and Tylendel fail and become Lawful Evil. 
  • Anise suggests we split - Anise, Brek and Tylendel stay back and hold the rear. The other four (that aren't lawful evil) take up the front guard. 
  • Front guard move up 2 intersections and scout
  • Rear guard talk amongst each other like, why are we helping these fucking peasants. They stole from us, they should pay. We slowly make our way up to follow front guard. 
  • Front guard hear a boy whispering inside a house. They say out loud "be safe, stay safe", but keep walking. 
  • Lulu mentions she remembers when Zariel was good, she brought her there to fight Avernus. Then the humans went back through the portal and sealed it, trapping Zariel there. Zariel gave Lulu her sword and told her to hide it so that the evil things wouldn't find it. Lulu doesn't remember where she hid it, but remembers someone helped her hide it. 
  • Rear guard hear the kids and Tylendel mentions they might have weapons. Brek tries to bust in through the window and the kids start shooting a bow at him. Tylendel goes in through the door and grabs a dagger, threatens the kids and fails his intimidation check. 
  • Eventually Anise casts Sleep on them to shut them up, Tylendel grabs their shortbow and dagger and 7 arrows. Brek doesn't want to leave the kids (???) so he is carrying them under each arm 
  • Skari summons a snow white owl to scout the bridge ahead of them from the skies
  • The owl sees a bunch of scary fucking shit on the bridge
  • The kids wake up and Brek and Anise tell them to be quiet. Anise plays good cop and is all cheery kindergarten teacher but we know there's pure seething evil under there. 
  • When Skari's owl was scouting the bridge, he noticed runes along the sides
  • They talk about which path they want to take to make it to the gate house on the bridge
  • Rear guard make their way up, but a tremor hits and some ppl fall prone
  • We hear some infernal talk from up north of us. Skari, Zema and Lulu understand infernal and Lulu mentions this guy should be avoided because she's dealt with them before. He is very powerful and can call for backup. 


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