The one with the paladin

  • NEW PLAYER HAS ENTERED THE GAME - Ezra joins the campaign. 
  • We find out that Ezra and Tylendel do not have soul stones (whatever that means?) but the rest of the party do. This has something to do with where the party was before Tylendel and Ezra joined... something about a magical prison with a dracolich. 
    • Anise buys a silent crowbar. A magical crowbar that makes no noise. 
    • Whill buys a special cloak
    • Brek buys a metric fucktruck of random items
    • Balasar also gets a metric fucktruck of random general items, including a portable ram
    • Zema buys a cloak
  • We meet BLOSSOM, who is a member of the circus. She is accompanied by Ezra and they find us in the market. Blossom explains that the circus had paid to have fabric brought to them for costumes, but the fancy fabrics never made it here. Asks us to help and track it down. 
  • Wagon was apparently headed to Armasteer to get fabrics 
  • LADY BEATRICE TRUNDEL, we learn is the mystery fourth matron of the circus. She is in charge of the market. She promises us a 10% discount at the market and free admission to the circus if we help with Blossom's request. 
  • Party accepts the quest and Ezra accompanies them. 

  • Halfway to Armasteer, we spot fabric wagons Blossom told us about at a tavern. 
  • Brek, Whill and Balasar enter the tavern to scope things out at the bar while Tylendel uses his rogueishness to sneak into the bedrooms in the back and look for stolen fabric. Anise keeps watch outside with Ezra and Zema.
  • Tylendel totally pillages all of the guest rooms in the back, getting a magical reptilian cloak and a magic deck of cards. 
  • After not finding any fabric, Tylendel goes back out and reports findings to Anise. They reconvene with Ezra and Zema. 
  • When noise is heard from the treeline, Tylendel offers to keep watch on the drunks inside while Anise, Zema and Ezra investigate the noise. 
  • Balasar wins the drinking game going on inside. 
  • Whill, Brek and Balasar's "scoping" has led to them all getting very drunk. 
  • Whill spots fraternal twins at the bar and starts to make friends with them. 
  • A bunch of hooligans emerge from the tree line outside. They are looking for twins and say "Kill them all. No witnesses". 
  • Surprise attack round! 


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