The one with the albino

  • Party starts in a hunting camp. Hunters are iffy about the party and reluctantly let them stay for the night. 
  • In the morning, the party discovers that one of the hunters was killed during the night. No apparent weapon wounds, just looked like his life had been siphoned. 
  • Party leaves hunting camp to warn nearby circus of a potential dangerous animal/creature on the prowl (they assumed that's what it was that killed the hunter). 
  • Really, the hunters in the camp just wanted the party to GTFO.
  • At the circus, party finds out that it is run by 4 matriarchs, each in charge of a different area of the circus. 
    • GERTA STONEFOOT -Dwarven matron in charge of the living quarters
    • LADY FAIRCHILD/FAIRBREEZE - Sun elf in charge of the circus performers and performances
    • MADAM VORHOON - ??? We don't know what she is or does yet. Just her name. 
    • ??? - the 4th Matron is still a mystery right now. 
  • Party meet a handsome albino drow in the market named Tylendel (gasp!). He mentions he is travelling alone and Balasar warns him of a scary bush witch that is siphoning the life from people. Asks him to join their party, and he agrees. 
  • Nix (Firbolg Cleric) makes his exit from the campaign. 
  • Balasar is propositioned by swingers FRANK and TRUDY. He politely declines. 
  • Anise and Zema meet KARAK and MYRTLE in the gambling tent, observe both of them cheating but stay out of it. 
  • The party does a bunch of shopping in the market. 


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