The one with the midnight snacks

  • Brek tries to bargain with the bandits who are still trying to break into the tavern
  • We agree to hand the twins, whom we learn are named PORK and PINE, over to the bandits for "processing". 
  • We have one remaining vampire that is still alive and pinned to the wall. 
  • Bandits don't believe that there were vampires in the tavern, so they send one in to investigate, but he's super dumb and gets bitten by the last remaining vampire and as a result turns into a vampire. We throw him out of the tavern window so his bandit friends can see him as a vampire now. 
  • Bandits tell us we have to kill their vampire friend before they will agree to any sort of deals. 
  • Brek and Ezra jump out the window and kill the vampire. 
  • Bandits search Brek and Ezra for the gold that they claim the twins have stolen from them. In the process they end up stealing stuff from Brek and Ezra's pockets (potions, candles, etc.)
  • Balasar and Zema have a drink with the tiefling woman that appeared and helped us kill the vampires. This is Zema's FIRST DRINK EVER!
  • Brek and Ezra drag Pork and Pine outside to the bandits. As the bandits search Pork and Pine, they pull out a piece of cloth that has the Dragon Cult's symbol on it. 
  • Anise sees this cloth from the roof and is TRIGGERED! She leaps off and attacks. 
  • FIGHT!!!
  • Balasar kills bandit that stole from Brek and Ezra and steal's their shit back
  • Whill has a minor illusion of a vampire in the corner trying to distract the bandits. 
  • Once most of the bandits are dead, Whill's vampire illusion goes invisible.
  • Anise has a mental breakdown and starts guzzling alcohol inside. 
  • Remaining bandits run away
  • We find out the tiefling woman's name is Mylan.
  • Tylendel fails investigation check and constitution save, so he accidentally gets SOOPER drunk. 
  • Whill investigates the back rooms but only finds frightened patrons
  • Ezra casts divine sense and gets an overpowering demonic presence from Mylan's amulet and an overpowering undead sense from Whill's arm. 
  • Anise and Tylendel become the typical drunk strangers that hug lots and just repeat "I FUCKING LOVE YOU, MAN!"
  • Anise passes out, and Tylendel is hungry so he crawls through the serving window into the kitchen to find some epic midnight snacks. 
  • Tylendel is attacked by civilians in the kitchen mistaking his albino skin for a vampire
  • Tylendel drunkenly smash n grabs a loaf of bread and a couple slabs of meat and tries for a quick escape back out the serving window. He critically fails his dex save and hits his head and falls unconscious
  • The civilians begin to waterboard an unconscious Tylendel
  • Balasar and Zema try to talk them out of it, but they won't listen, so Balasar hulk smashes through the wall and drags Tylendel to safety
  • Ezra talks with Mylan, during this talk she pulls out some weird demonic charcoal and feeds it to a worm that's swimming around in her amulet. Shit be creepy, yo.


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