The one with the bar fight

  • Bandits attack! Anise, Zema and Ezra engage bandits outside of the tavern. 
  • Inside, Whill chats up the twins and pretends to like them and wants to join them, but really him and Brek are planning to totally scam them
  • The tavern is suddenly full of FUCKING VAMPIRES!
  • We discover that wooden stakes are really good at killing vampires
  • Brek uses maul to golf swing stakes into nearby vampires
  • Ezra dies... but Tylendel saves him with a health potion
  • Tylendel is manly as fuck hiding under a table and shooting vampires while hidden
  • Outside, Anise teleports herself and an unwilling Zema to the roof and summons bear noises behind the bandits to try to scare them off. It's not very effective. 
  • Bandits are now trying to break in to the tavern, but Balasar is HODOR. 
  • Zema wants to get inside so jumps through a skylight with the grace and elegance of a rhinoceros 
  • A tiefling woman appears in the tavern and helps us kill the vampires
  • We finally finish killing the vampires inside while the bandits are still pissed outside and Anise is on the roof. 
  • After the bandits yell that they want the twins, they try to run away but Brek and Whill restrain them. 


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