The one with the vamp tramps

  • The party kills the two vampires currently attacking us and seeing MANY more around town, decide to book it back to the griffons and bail
  • When we get to the griffons, 3 vampires are holding Alterik hostage. 
  • They demand we deliver them into the keep and to all of its delicious inhabitants. 
  • More talking from the vampires. They inform us that their master is Strahd. 
  • Ezra bores of all the chatter and Lathander-stomps Chatty McBitchface. 
  • Alterik is attacked by the 2 other vamp tramps and they drain him dead. 
  • Brek and Balasar smack a bitch up
  • Zema hears a really bad evil shitsack behind him, he's like "guuuuyyysssss........" but we listen exactly zero amount to poor Zema. 
  • Tylendel puts in fake vampire teeth and tries to act cool and like one of the vampires, but mega fails his performance check and his teeth fall out mid-sentence. 
  • Whill tackles the vamp attacking Alterik and his weird arm somehow gains control of the vampire
  • Brek and Balasar are beating on the other vampire but it's only doing baby damage. 
  • Tylendel runs to the griffons, mounts Nuzzles and tries to caw-caw the other griffons towards the party
  • Zema's headache worsens and his bless drops because of it
  • Alterik suddenly revives and stabs Whill in the leg
  • Fancy Vampface shows up behind us, in town. We determine this is the evil shitstain Zema was sensing. He asks to talk to us and we're all "meh, we're busy here"
  • He Thanos-snaps and a metric fucktruck more vamps appear in town 
  • He asks Zema who he is but decides his answer is inadequate. 
  • He moves down to Anise and asks who she is, and she replies "I'm the person who just shot you"
  • Anise shoots him
  • He laughs it off and charms Anise, she has officially drunk the kool-aid. 
  • He tells Zema to convince the party to leave Greenest to him and he'll give us Alterik
  • Everyone except Ezra are like "yeah cool, we were already mounting our griffons, fuck this place". Ezra is conflicted because they are undead and he must purge them. 
  • Ultimately Ezra follows us. 
  • We land a few miles away in a field in a swampy area. Tylendel summons an epic hut of awesomeness that leaves everyone in complete awe. 
  • Some people choose to sleep outside of the hut like weirdos 
  • We all try a variety of healing spells to uncharm Anise, all of them failing until Dispel Magic is used by Tylendel
  • We sleep.  


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