The one with the flight of the griffons

  • Whill does amazing at opening the show at the circus
  • The circus is amazeballs
  • We spend the night in the dome and in the morning, the matriarchs meet us outside to say their farewells. They gift us each our very own GRIFFON!
  • Tylendel names his griffon Nuzzles
  • Private Alterik (the Tony Montana of Fort Karnath) arrived at the circus with TARNIS (the halfling archery teacher) with the griffons
  • Alterik and Tarnis say they will be coming with us on our journey for a bit. 
  • Whill's arm hungers for fresh meat. He considers sacrificing a griffon, but ultimately ends up feeding the arm his own meat. A self-meating. 
  • We fly to Greenest on GRIFFONS! CAW-CAW!
  • Ezra goes all Simba and sprouts his glowey wings and flies slightly above his griffon. 
  • The glowing makes everyone feel nice. Almost everyone. Tylendel is an albino drow flying above cloud cover in the middle of the day, and now there's a motherfucker glowing in front of him. Everything hurts and he's dying.
  • Ezra's glowing makes Tylendel hurt less, and Ty believes it's because he's radiating "sunshine".
  • Zema is the party pharmacist who has all the drugs, but only wants us to use them responsibly. 
  • Balasar's nuts are smushed. He tries to readjust and falls off his griffon, barely managing to catch himself before falling completely. 
  • We arrive in Greenest at dusk. Large swatches of land are scorched (from dragon attacking earlier in the campaign). 
  • Tylendel and Ezra don't know why the town is burned, so the party gives them a TL;DR of what happened here... essentially dragon cult was attacking, party tried to stop them and the dragon got angry and burned the whole place down. 
  • Anise and Ezra walk up to the keep as an envoy, Tylendel follows stealthily behind about 40ft, the rest of the party following about 100ft behind Tylendel.
  • A few party members notice movement in their peripheral vision, but nothing concrete. Zema's undead sense is pinging. 
  • Anise sends out a super loud message to the keep. Immediately all the lights inside the keep are extinguished. 
  • Tylendel sees creepy shit in a nearby house, casts Message to Ezra telling them to stop. 
  • Tylendel investigates the creepy house shit and its a creepy corpse bride bitch vampire that bites him. He panics and casts message to Ezra for help. 
  • More cray-cray dead bitches start pouring out from everywhere. 
  • FIGHT!


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