The one with the magic mushrooms

  • Ezra is absent from the session. He is missed. 
  • We all wake up from a long rest feeling rested. 
  • We cook up breakfast, deciding to make bitchin pancakes with everyone throwing in random tidbits of awesomeness.
  • Pancakes are SO GOOD they attract a swamp dragon named Slazarin.
  • Brek offers the dragon some pancakes and he accepts. 
  • People bathe in the nearby streams
  • It's overall a really pleasant morning until we realize that Brek used magic mushrooms in the pancakes. 
  • DM makes everyone who ate pancakes roll a bunch of dice for scary reasons that we're yet to know 
  • Anise wants to murder Doran because he's a vampire. The rest of the party think we should wait and confirm that he's actually a vampire first, he might not be. 
  • Slazarin confirms that Doran is NOT yet a vampire, he's somewhere "in between". 
  • Slazarin tells us about Isabella, who is Strahd's master and very upset with him. She is hunting Strahd and he is trying to get his followers back from inside the keep in Greenest to bolster his forces against her. 
  • The followers in the keep (traitors) are powering the wards that Strahd has in place in town during the day to protect him and his spawn. If we kill his followers, we can then attack Strahd during the day. 
  • Isabella is basically the queen of all undead.
  • We are all pulled into a side-chat to determine what effect the mushrooms have on each of us individually and how long the high will last. 


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