The one with the greatest showman

  • Anise and Zema take their seats and excitedly wait for the show to start
  • Balasar and Ezra look for Tylendel, since the halfling at Vorhoon's said she was out looking for Tylendel.
  • They find him crying behind a shed. He's being weird and dodgey
  • They interrogate him further and he eventually comes clean about being the most evillest person and tells them what he did to Snuggles
  • They comfort him saying it wasn't him, it was Vorhoon
  • Nariq eavesdrops on us and tells us there is a Sage in El Torel that might be able to reverse what was done to turn Snuggles into the Snugglow
  • Tylendel, Ezra and Balasar agree to keep this whole topic on the down-low and not let the party know. 
  • Nariq then hits up Brek and gives him some fancy grapes. 
  • Whill enters Vorhoon's  (DUN DUN DUNNNNN!)
  • Whill asks her about his arm, how to communicate with it. She tells him he needs to focus his will to not be dominated by it, but ultimately she offers no real help. 
  • Vorhoon is a total narc about Snugglow and tells Whill all about it, so now he knows.
  • Fuck.
  • Whill disguises himself as a jester and leaves Vorhoon's. 
  • A circus worker finds him (in his disguise) and thinks he's a performer and drags Whill to the circus tent to open the show. 
  • Tylendel, Brek, Balasar and Ezra meet decide to leave the circus because it's evil (Brek's words) and Tylendel creates a magical dome for them to spend the night in. 
  • Tylendel messages Zema and tells him to meet them here after the show. 


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