The one with SO MANY BEARS

  • Turns out the noise that Balasar, Anise and Zema were investigating were like, bears. Lots and lots and lots of bears. 
  • Anise decides they'll need backup, so projects giant neon sign in the sky that says "SUNSHINE!" with an arrow pointing downward, figuring that will at the very least get our junkie paladin's attention. 
  • Brek and Ezra (of course) see the sign and rush toward it, but eventually get blocked by bears. 
  • Anise, Balasar and Zema are surrounded by bears and a GIANT MUFUKN bear emerges. 
  • There are human bodies strung up in the trees, dead. 
  • Anise investigates them and it starts RAINING BEARS! HALLELUJAH! IT'S RAINING BEARS! OVER THERE! Bears fall out of all nearby trees
  • Tylendel comes out of Vorhoon's and meets up with Whill in the market. They start to head back to the circus entrance and see a lot of bears outside. Tylendel assumes it is a bear parade that will usher in the start of the show. 
  • Tylendel and Whill leave to find VIP seating to the bear parade
  • Eventually are also blocked by bears from advancing. Whill goes invisible and sneaks past them. Tylendel tries to use his rogueness to get past them, but fails horribly.
  • Tylendel is caught, pinned, and un-BEAR-ably mauled to almost death
  • Giant bear pushes Anise, Balasar and Zema around... but doesn't attack. 
  • Tylendel can see the light. 


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