The ones with the lost notes...

I appear to have lost my notes for the last sessions, so I will just jot down the events of those sessions based on memory. 

  • We continue through the mine and come upon more shrimp monsters and moaning bats. 
  • Moaning bats pin us in a narrow corridor, where everyone continuously casts thunder-spells which make REALLY loud noises in the confined area and 3/4 of the party are deaf and blind for most of the fight. 
  • Someone finally mentions "hey maybe all of this thunder will make the mine collapse"
  • We chill the fuck out with the thunder spells
  • We find a group of miners who are still alive. They teach us how to identify different ores
  • We find a number of chunks of different ores and gems. Cold iron, Iron, Mithril, gold, silver, etc. 
  • The party searches more parts of the mine, finding more ore and more survivors. Also more bats and shrimps. 
  • Find a pile of dead bodies. We hear noises from it and a halfling who had been hiding under the dead bodies comes out. We escort him out.
  • At the entrance, the ground explodes and a MASSIVE worm thing starts roaring and generally fucking shit up. 
  • We fight it. 
  • Ezra sprouts wings and does MEGA DAMAGE
  • Brek gets swallowed by it, but ends up using the portal wands to escape it 
  • Anise shoos the surviving miners out of the camp and gives them our horses so they could get back to Fort Karnath while we deal with this worm
  • Whill casts darkness on the worm and makes it really hard for everyone to see anything
  • Anise climbs up the watchtower and shoots a note attached to an arrow into the cave entrance that says "Hey guys, careful there's a giant worm out here. Love, Anise"
  • Anise rolls really badly and the arrow goes far from anyone, so nobody gets to read her beautiful calligraphy. 
  • Eventually kill the worm and realize it has ore and gems inside. 
  • We all take a LOT of acid damage digging around its entrails looking for loot
  • Eventually we give up and head back into the mine because it's less acidy in there. 
  • We find all the ore and materials we need and head back to Fort Karnath. 
  • Party runs into a group of trolls setting an ambush. 
  • Anise tries to talk to them, but it turns into a fight. 
  • While they are busy, Tylendel sneaks off and totally robs the trolls blind. He gets a strength potion, and another potion that is in a heart-shaped bottle. 
  • Party defeats the trolls and then find their way back to the fort. 
  • Brek and Whill go straight to armoury to get their goodies made/repaired. 
  • Everyone else gets some cool stuff like Anise gets a cold iron pike head, Ezra gets a golden license plate for his steed, Tylendel gets some cold iron and alchemical silver arrows. 
  • Tylendel sneaks off to talk to Alterik. He buys drugs off him, and then talks to him about the whole drug mule sitch. He doesn't want to out him but they need to get Oswalt to start delivering food again to the circus. 
  • Anise talks to the Commandant of the fort to see what their views on pardons and plea deals are. 
  • Brek goes to Oswalt and tells him that they found the thief, he was a miner at the mine and he's dead now, so problem solved. 
  • Oswalt calls his bluff and also tells him he stinks because Brek's persuasion rolls are super awful
  • Group reconvenes to come up with a plan on how to proceed. Tylendel says if they cause a distraction, the drug dealer will handle everything else. Anise wants to move forward with the pardon deal but Tylendel won't give up his dealer. 
  • After a LOT of talking, Dominique approaches and tells us we have to leave the Fort. That our raised voices have alerted the camp to a drug problem and a thief amongst them. They just want us to leave. 
  • Dominique forces us out of the camp and they shut the door behind us. 
  • Party makes their way back to the Circus, at this point having completed none of the circus quests other than getting them drugs. 


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