The one with all the smoking

  • The circus crier, whom we name Bard Barker, yells about coming in, see the show, visit the food booths. They have deep fried eggs and Cotton Candy which is a rare elvish delicacy. 
  • Tylendel, an elf, has never heard of cotton candy. He wants to taste this delicacy. 
  • Tylendel and Whill steal from a nearby child with cotton candy. Tylendel is a shadow and succeeds in stealing a handful. Whill is a bull in a china shop and gets totally busted
  • The kid cries at Whill stealing his cotton candy and the kid's moms show up and are PISSED. 
  • Ezra runs over and casts Calm Emotions on everyone so that everyone can calm their tits. 
  • Whill apologizes to the moms and gives them 1 silver.
  • Balasar, Zema and Anise hear something outside of the circus and go to investigate. 
  • Brek visits Madam Vorhoon. She's hotboxing with some dank kush and muttering in tongues. 
  • Brek asks her to pimp out his maul with her dark magic and she says no. 
  • Ezra asks Tylendel for some drugs and Tylendel gives them to him
  • Gerta Stonefoot approaches Ezra and Ty and welcome them back. She's being super weird and glowey and then Charles Xavier'd us. Tells Ezra to sell his drugs (wink wink) and that Tylendel is not going to like what Vorhoon has to tell him. 
  • After that weirdness, Tylendel and Ezra bro-down and then split up to their destinations: Ezra to peddle his drugs and Tylendel to embrace his darkness and chat up Vorhoon
  • Balasar, Anise and Zema see a lot of animals on their way to investigate the noise outside of the circus. 
  • Vorhoon is talking sexily to Brek and so he peaced the fuck out with wicked dex rolls. 
  • Brek tells Tylendel NOT to go in there, but Tylendel is a bad listener
  • Whill hits up the jeweller in the market to get a magic amulet made. 
  • Tylendel visits Vorhoon alone... in the dark... Creepy shit happens. She takes some of his blood and licks it and then says that the "multiverse needs him to save them". What kind of shit prophecy is that?
  • Tylendel asks her to imbue his crossbow with magic, and she agrees. Says it'll take time. 
  • Ezra makes it to Blossom's father's house with his drugs. Finds a dying dwarf on his deathbed. 
  • Ezra goes full "THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!" on the dwarf and lays his hands on him. The dwarf is healed (and coincidentally now Ezra no longer needs to give up his drugs to help ease this man's pain). 
  • Dwarf thanks Ezra by giving him a ring of resistance. 
  • They smoke together like bro-dawgs.


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