The one with berries and fishes and snuggles, oh my!

  • As Tylendel is pinned by a bear, a weird scary devil hand comes through a rift and snatches up his ferret, Snuggles, and pulls it into Sarlacc Pit portal of infinite suffering. Tylendel freaks the fuck out and hides in a tree. 
  • Ezra and Brek are like "da fuq?"
  • Ezra tries to Lancelot over a bear, but horse is having exactly none of that so halts abruptly, throwing Ezra off its back and onto the bear. 
  • Ezra falls off the bear too. 
  • Ezra heals Whill a bit
  • Anise, Balasar and Zema suddenly start hearing the bears talking to each other. They suddenly speak ursine?
  • Understanding that the bears are hungry, Anise starts growing a shit ton of berries for the bears to eat. 
  • Zema pulls out a bunch of food that he's been hoarding in his bag and this appeases them
  • Tylendel tries to summon Snuggles back to him but instead some weird devil gonorrhoea starts spreading up his arm. 
  • Panic ensues
  • There is talk of chopping his arm off, which hits a little too close to home for Whill
  • After a few spell attempts, party manages to push that devil shit back to where it came from
  • NARIQ, the talking magical squirrel whom the party met beforehand, shows up near Anise, Balasar and Zema and talks to the bears. Party realizes he is the reason they can suddenly understand the bears
  • Balasar is appointed the party's representative to the Bears and Squirrels
  • Giant bear is named GREGAK
  • Anise gives Zema her fishing kit so that he can catch fish for the bears. 
  • Turns out Zema is basically Bill Dance and catches ALL the fish. 
  • Anise spends a bunch of time growing berries for the bears. 
  • Bears say goodbye now that we've fed them and we head back to the circus. 
  • Party sasses Tylendel even though he's clearly just been through trauma. Sons of bitches.
  • At the circus, Zema and Anise get tickets and go in to watch the show. 
  • Nariq gives Zema a magical nut. 
  • Ezra and Balasar go to bully Madam Vorhoon, but she is away. 
  • Tylendel is sad and worried about Snuggles so he goes to hide his sadness behind some trailers alone. 
  • Shortly after, Tylendel is awoken by Madam Vorhoon to deliver his crossbow he had made by her. Turns out that she is the one who snatched Snuggles and using dark magic bound his body and soul and turned him into a crossbow. 
  • Tylendel is absolutely mortified and what he's done to his best friend. 


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