The One Where Lulu is a Wretched Skank

  •  Tylendel, as he's scouting the main floor of High Hall, quietly asks Dartin if he knows what made these massive footprints. Dartin says he thinks he's a hunter, but doesn't know what it is exactly. 
  • Tylendel asks if Dartin will come with them outside of High Hall or stay here, Dartin reminds Tylendel of their contract and that he will come with him. Tylendel is relieved. 
  • Tylendel asks Zema if he wants to cure Anise first. We all team up and decide to band together to help Zema cure Anise of her wickedness
  • It succeeds!!! EVERYONE REJOICE!
  • We head outside and find Zema's zombie minions have been destroyed, same as the three guys who were being mind controlled by the devil and we let them escape. Tylendel starts moving some of the bodies out of the way while the rest go try to find Lulu and the children we told to hide.
  • Lulu and the children were hiding in an invisible tent and are all doing fine. 
  • Lulu mentions that the big thing that made the footprints was an orthon, but he was a fully grown one. 
  • Lulu tells the group about these invisible vines that infect people
  • Tylendel joins the group and Lulu calls Dartin out like a little bitch. They fight and Tylendel tells her to fuck all the way off. 
  • The party argues a bit more and Zema is the voice of reason and tells us to stop arguing
  • We continue arguing a lot. 
  • Lulu is a bitch .
  • Skari sends his owl to scout the bridge while the rest of us follow Dartin down the hill towards the cemetery
  • Dartin says if we climb down the cliff face, we'd get there faster. Anise grows a bunch of plants down the cliff face and we all easily climb down except Whill who falls
  • Dartin shows one path we can take, while Lulu shows another. We have to decide which one we take. We take Dartin's path because Lulu is a filthy skank
  • Halfway through, we all stealth. We make it to the cemetery without issue. Suck it, Lulu. You and you're stupid lame path can suck a lemon.
  • Cemetery has taken some damage and there's a ton of undead. Gods in this cemetery are Lathander (sun/light), Torm (duty), Helm (neutral lawful god, god of duty), Tyr (justice) 
  • The undead in the cemetery largely ignore us, so we just wander about looking for something of interest, and we head towards the chapel in the center of the graveyard
  • We get to the chapel and there's three big-assed skeletal minotaurs or some shit in the front standing there minotaurily
  • Zema is like "omg you guys my head hurts" because there's too many undead around. Dartin offers him some drugs to help him in exchange for soul coins. Zema tries some and shits whacked. 
  • Zema accepts the offer and pays Dartin most of his soul coins (16 coins) and has 6 soul coins left. 
  • The soul coins scream when he takes them and he mentions that might be less painful if Lulu or Skari help him. Lulu says no and Skari asks what that might entail. He mentions our party's soul coins 
  • Anise hears him asking about our souls and boots him in the nuts and tells him to fuck off.


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