The One Where We End Our Three-Week Hiatus

  • We do a big recap because what the fuck even is D&D at this point. 
  • Zema sends a coded message to Reya
    "Listen, don't speak. Spies. Reya, Bring blacksmith. The reach is broken. I need a new blade. Meet at the hall. Safety lies in Torm's hand."
  • Reya responds with: 
    "Understood, the fat has been trimmed. I will seek the sword and find Torm's Hand."
  • We set up Skari's dome to block the entrance and alternate watches and sleep for a long time. 
  • As he keeps watch, Tylendel pulls out Ezra's prayer book and talks to Ezra. He updates him on what the party has done so far, tells him he misses him. Said he has started praying to Tymora and be good the way Ezra was, and hopefully begin to fill the massive void that Ezra left in the party. The book responds by making Tylendel feel ... guided. 
  • Tylendel hears really heavy footsteps from the main floor for a bit, but then they go away. 
  • Pherria crafted a bunch of Greater Healing Potions and she gave us one of them - Skari takes it. 
  • Tylendel mentions to Zema that he found a blue gem and asks if he wants to try using it on him to see what happens, maybe it'll cure his ruby-itis. Zema agrees and he hides under his cloak with just his arm sticking out. 
  • Tylendel brings the gem up to it, and it starts burning away all of the ruby-ness and Zema rolls a piss poor con save, so it hurts SUPER bad, screams and faints. 
  • Skari uses prestidigitation to create smelling salts to wake Zema. 
  • We grasp that the gem did work and regressed the ruby shit on Zema's arm a bunch, but it was hella painful. 
  • Skari jots this all down in his journal spellbook like Rita Skeeter. 
  • Skari pulls Tylendel aside and asks wtf is going on - Tylendel explains how Zema got afflicted with this ruby disease and what the priests said would fix it. 
  • Skari asks to look into the gem further, Tylendel agrees to let him study it if it means he can potentially help cure Zema with less pain. 
  • Skari asks Tylendel if he can ask Zema for some scab samples and some dust samples. Tylendel goes over to Zema and asks him for samples. He takes a bunch of dust and carves off a couple of scabs with Zema's permission. 
  • We decide to head out. Tylendel suggests Skari use his owl to scout the bridge before we head to the graveyard just to make sure the bridge is still clear for Reya. If the owl spots a bunch of things on it, we'll re-message Reya and tell her to abort mission. 
  • Tylendel has a quick scout of the room where the hand altar is to make sure the coast is clear and sees HUGE footprint depressions in the floor, doors were torn open, etc. Something massive made its way through. He whispers "What the fuck was that?!" 
  • Session ends. DUN DUN DUNNNNNN


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