The ones where Tylendel was absent

I missed the next two sessions because I was on vacation, so I don't have notes for these sessions. Here are the snippets of information that I got. 

  • Party returned to Circus with the fabric carts
  • Circus was thankful for their service. 
  • Brek took a bath with a GIANT half-orc named Zok
  • Zok has a MASSIVE GARGANTUAN cock that swung freely and unashamedly in Brek's face.
  • The party visits MADAM VORHOON, the last matriarch of the circus whom the party has yet to meet. She's a creepy voodoo-ey halfling that gives them all prophecies
    • Anise: the flower of hope that will wilt under the pressure of the future
    • Whill: People seek arm and there will be blood and death
    • Ezra: He will be tested, but it will be a catch 22 that will violate his Paladin oaths
    • Zema: His future is dark and full of terrors
    • Balasar: Fated to kill someone in the party and he'll enjoy it
    • Brek: Chaos follows wherever he walks, the way a fire elemental leaves a trail of magma in his wake. The forces of chaos hunt him. 
  • Circus asks for more help (classic circus). Their food shipments from Fort Karnath have not been arriving anymore and they need food. Blossom also flirted up Ezra and told him her dying father needs drugs called "the yellow" to help ease the pain. She's almost out and the dealer is in Fort Karnath
  • Party heads to Fort Karnath


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