The one with the junkie Paladin

  • Tylendel and Balasar wander the camp and hear a cacophony coming from the food storage area of the camp. They went full Mary J. Blige and said "no more drama... no more drama in my life" and walked AWAY from the noise
  • The noise was being caused by Brek talking to Oswalt and the party looking for us. 
  • Tylendel ran into DOMINIQUE, who apparently knows and has fought with a few members of the party previously.   
  • Dominique says Tylendel is a drow and is evil  
  • We talk to Dominique in the archery range where she is with a halfling man who is trying to teach a human man to shoot a bow. He is not very good. 
  • Ezra, Anise and Zema meet back up with us in the archery range. 
  • Ezra the coke mule realizes we are in the archery range, and there is a man with a halfling. He zeros in on him and starts asking about drugs. He is really bad at this, but eventually gets drugs from PRIVATE DORAN ALTERIK
  • While Ezra does his shady drug deals, we talk about having to find who or what is skimming supplies from Oswalt in order to get the food shipments flowing to the circus again. 
  • Ezra returns all sweaty and nervous. He tells us that his dealer is the one thats been skimming supplies from Oswalt and using them to get drugs out of the fort. We are conflicted. 
  • Anise accuses Ezra of being an addict. He cries and vomits in the street. 
  • We are causing a scene and people are looking at us. Balasar and Tylendel are still under the effects of the truth serum and Anise cannot lie, ever, so being interrogated right now would be BAD NEWS BEARS. 
  • Brek and Whill find the party and tell approaching guards we're just drunk and need to sleep it off. They point us to some beds where we can rest. 
  • Zema prays for Ezra's drug ravaged soul as he sleeps. 
  • The next morning, we GTFO before we cause more damage. The fort gives us horses to get to the mine. We name them. 
  • The mine is at the base of a mountain, surrounded by a wall. 
  • Tylendel super sneaks into the camp to scope it out using his rogueness. 
  • Everyone else just barges in loudly and ruins everything. 
  • Thankfully, everything in the camp is dead. 
  • Tylendel sends his ferret, Snuggles, into the mine to investigate. Finds a smelly dwarf hiding in the supply closet saying scary shit assaulted the mine. 
  • We enter the mine and are immediately attacked by a scary shrimp thing. 
  • As we fight, some scary moaning bats swoop in and start sucking our faces
  • A moaning bat murders Snuggles. 
  • We heal up and start to go deeper into the mine looking for any survivors.


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